Hp AC Adapter Power Supply 0957-2242 +32V 625mA

  • Model: Hp 0957-2242 AC Adapter
  • 1 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Hewlett-Packard
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This is a AC Adapter power supply for Hp printers. Component is manufactured by I.T.E. The plug type for this item is a Hp purple 32v , 3 pin connector (Please make sure your printer matches the voltage and color for this connector type). This device is used as a power source for many Hp printers , please see list below for compatible printers.
Power Rating:
Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 600mA
Output: +32V 625mA
D1660, D2660 , D2663, D2680, D5560
F4500 , K109, K209 , C4640 , C4650 , C4680 ,B109A
B109C , B109D , B109F , B109N , B109Q
B109R , B209A , B209B , B209C , D110A
C5100, C5180, C6180, C6188, C7180, D5160,
D7100, D7160, D7360
6520, 6540Xi, 6543, 6840
D1668, D2660, D2663, F4200
CB656AR, CB656A, CB656BR, CB656B, CB656C, CB656D,
CB658A, CB659A, CB661BR, CB661B, CB662C , J4580,
J4680 ,CB780AR, CB780A
Item is Refurbished.
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Comes without wallcord.

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